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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mollee again,

Jeff is still slaving away at his last week on his Masters. I'm so proud of him but also really ready for him to be done.

Its been a bit of a rollercoaster lately. Luckily I think it may have suddenly evened out. Whether real or put on, at least some of my family has decided to support our move. YAY! This means I dont have to go crazy sneaking halfway across the country. I think they kind of saw it as inevitable and they needed to suck it up.

One day til we fly out to pick out our new place! I'm so stoked. We have a list of about 8 places we want to see, but we're really focused on about 3 of them. Here is one that we're leaning towards the most:

Fremont View Apartments

The only thing is I'm not to psyched about renting a place that has absolutely no chance of us purchasing in the future. It seems as though this isin a complex of apartments so I'm sure there is one owner for the whole building.

We also found an awesome rent to own place but its at the VERY TIP TOP of our price....although awesome. We were just kind of hoping to have a little more spending money in our new home :/

I guess we'll see what the verdict is after this weekend!!

Also I want to get Jeff a bike....

I think he wants one either like mine with a tank or a lowrider with a banana seat....HOWEVER! I found a really good deal on a 3 wheeled (which is what I wanted when I bought Vivienne but I couldn't find a good priced one). Do you think that a 3 wheeled would be a bit feminine for him? It would be nice to have a bike that could carry more than a half gallon of milk like mine, and the trikes have the big deep basket in the back. Hmmm....something to ponder.


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