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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm writing this post as we fly across the country. Our layover is in Salt Lake and I'm going to go out on a stereotype limb and say thats why there are so many babies and children on this flight.

I'm thoroughly exhausted. In usual Jeff fashion, it took him under a minute to fall asleep. I can never sleep on planes. They're so noisy and even when your seat is "back" I'm sitting more upright than I ever do. One of these days I'm going to own my own a share of a jet with a bed so I can actually enjoy air travel.

I didn't get a wink of shut eye last night either. After staying up till about midnight fighting with our wedding invitations, we decided we should probably try to get some sleep before our early departure time this morning. Jeff immediately was out (then again he's been pulling all-nighters a lot recently) and I was wide awake. Thinking, thinking, thinking...the excitement was so out of control I just could NOT sleep. I tried counting sheep and the whole nine yards but I laid there until at least a bit after 3 when I finally dozed.

Jeff's mom drove us to the airport, thank goodness. Messing around with parking and shuttles is really annoying. I was fortunate enough to not get the new TSA pat down. I think mostly because I was wearing stretch pants and a tight fitting top....what did I have to hide? lol.

I'm spending this whole flight worrying about life. I know thats really general but its hard to put in to specifics. Everyone thinks they're different when they get married. They think they're so in love and the hustle and bustle won't get to them, etc. Jeff's mom made the comment that I needed to be able to handle doing a lot of things on my own because Jeff and I will both be "juggling life". While I understand what shes saying and I know she means well, it kind of got me unnerved. I want to believe that Jeff & I will go on living just as we have: completely together as a team. Right now I'm standing at the cusp of whether I'm setting myself up for disappointment or if a lot of  other people are just much less "team oriented", high strung, and less "chill" for lack of better terminology. As I see it right now I can bike to work, work 8-5 at a spa/salon, ride home, Jeff will be getting home about 30 minutes or so after me and I can be working on dinner. I personally do not see how this will not work. We've been doing essentially the same thing all along only insert 24 hour stressful school in the blank of Jeff's job. Ok, so maybe she was referring to when we have kids, but I plan on not working from the time they are born until they are 4. So essentially with two kids that should be at most 8 years.

Am I freaking out over nothing??

Is there anything you can do to stop other people's stress and ideas from seeping into your marriage/future and worrying you?

*Sigh* I can't wait to take a nap one we get to Seattle and rest my mind. Maybe even talk to Jeff about everything going through my head.


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