A momumentous Occasion: Jeff's First Post

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello World!
    This is Jeff Noren joining this whole blogging scene.  Mollee and I just returned to our hotel room after spending the day in Fremont, Seattle.  It looks like this will be our new home and we are both very excited about it.  It is an awesome part of the city that manages to still be in the center of it all while still having some of the suburban benefits.  We picked out an awesome new home for us that has a really sweet open layout and we enter it by walking directly out of an elevator!  After we looked at places we explored the Fremont area a little bit by hitting up some of the local shops and bars (still feelin' pretty good from those bars).  I am excited about living in a place that actually has stuff to do.  Now we are getting ready to go see our favorite DJ from Indy tonight so it should be good times.  until next time...


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