DIY Room #1- 2nd Bathroom

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We're doing a lot of bits and pieces of our home renovation DIY but all in all we are hiring a lot of it out as well. Our one main DIY room is our 2nd bathroom. I always thought of it as my bathroom and would spend hours reading while sitting on the floor in there just to get away from the constant chatter (I come from a family of talkers, and while I am also a talker...I value quiet more than most in my family I think.)

This bathroom is currently very cute. Its angels themed as picked by my grandma but honestly I have no idea if she actually wanted it that way. I'm sure she loved angels but it just so happens angels and clouds go well with sky blue. LOTS AND LOTS of sky blue. I'm not quite sure why people in the 50's and 60's...heck ANY era for that matter prior to this whole "fixing your house to suit other people" came about in the past decade (not that I really like that movement either! individuality and personal signatures are very intincing to me when looking at homes). So yes, this bathroom is almost floor to ceiling sky blue 4x4 tile, blue toilet, blue tub and blue sink. They oddly opted for the white formica countertop?

I think the reason my grandma was so afraid to ever change this blue room is because like many of the aspects of this house: its custom. The countertop was made custom to fit a custom blue sink. The tiles butt up right against the built in vanity with custom countertop. You can't minorly tweak this room without needing to do a larger overhaul and my grandma is not into that. She doesn't like to be amongst mess. Maybe thats why I err on the side of messy now to her disdain bc I never had to clean up after myself because I never "did it right". No one could "do it right" besides her...and I mean that endearingly bc it certainly wasn't a fault. You knew something had to really bother my grandma for her to want strangers in her house causing any kind of disturbance in her space. What I'm trying to say is the angels kept the blue from being a nuisance and the blue kept sweaty guys with steel toed boots and penchant for creating dust out of my grandma's house.

Jump to now. Armed with the world wide web (yes that novel concept) I have decided to take on this custom bathroom with a tiny budget: $1200. Yes, there may be tinier but I doubt there will be many as spectacular for the budget and heres why: tile stickers.

Yes, two little words such as tile stickers can take you from 1960's blue heaven to modern but eclectic world traveled chic! You can find them at Sticviews. They are simply super-sticking, wipeable, and easily removable veneer stickers for any size tile!! Seriously any size or shape of tile is available and you can use any image you want (although as much as you love your wedding pictures I dont recommend covering your tiles with them). For us, I opted to use a hi-res picture of a gorgeous mexican tile I liked. I thought it would go perfectly with the cowboy theme.

You see, Jeff and I have a cowboy bathroom. It came to be when we first moved in together and because of its great reception we're not willing or ready to let it go (and it seems cowboys may be the next zombies or vampires trend wise! ehhh!?) so we wanted to make this second bathroom our "cowboy bathroom 3.0...err...maybe that 4.0? I dunno, we move too much.

The other upside to this tile design is if we tire of the cowboy theme its still a gorgeous look and very versatile.

Pairing this with a new budget end Kohler toilet, some $1.50 new pewter drawer pulls, a steal of a new mirror (<$65!!), and a crisp white (squee!) vessel sink and we're on our way to a brand new shiny bathroom with minimal mess and/or assistance and a small budget!  The only thing we'll need help with will be our new black granite counter top (didnt want to scrimp here) and our new snap over shower/tub unit.

Here is a quick paint render I did of the bathroom (Jeff incessantly teases me for using paint!)


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