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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ok, PHEW! To say the first 6 months of our marriage have been crazy is an EPIC understatement! We have lived in a whirlwind of travel and chaos...a lot of which I'm sure appeared very glamorous, but I insist it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Oddly enough I had a lot of time to blog but for some reason I didn't feel like complaining all the time (hahaha). Which I'm pretty sure thats what I did for 4 months living in a foreign country :).
So I'm restarting this blog. The Geek & The Chic lives!!  This time there is a lot of excitement but the kind that makes you giddy...not the kind that gives you heart palpitations ;)

We're moving into our first (and potentially only and last) house. My grandmother more than graciously living willed us her home, the home I was raised in. Not only does this house have IMMENSE sentimental value to me (my grandfather took so much pride in it), it is an absolutely GORGEOUS house. It's a 60's minimal ranch, that sits on 10 acres of mown land with 10 acres of gorgeous woods, that at build time was considered an executive home. As much as I appreciate vintage homes, Jeff and I have decided to switch it- take it a little bit away from the starkness it had in its originality. I act like we're just going to paint it.

We are about to embark on a complete overhaul of our dream home. Some projects include:

-whitewashing the red/pink brick
-exchanging the grey asphalt roof for a forest green spanish tile metal mold roof (can you say longevity!?)
-putting in a pool with indoor/outdoor sunroom
-vaulting the ceiling over the living room/kitchen/dining room
-updating 2nd bath fixtures and paint
-installing a fence and putting in a new circular driveway
-complete remodel of master suite (we're taking out the closets, knocking down the wall in the bathroom separating the sink from the shower, and then using my old bedroom for the most gorgous Carrie Bradshaw worthy closet and laundry area imaginable)
-installing a 3rd bathroom in the already finished basement
-converting the EXTRA LARGE home gym (it was an aerobics studio business) into a movie theatre and as-authentic-as-we-can-get Irish pub (do you see where our priorities are? haha)

Thats just to name a few. And to top it all off- we're trying to get it done in under 6 months!! I know that sounds crazy but I think we can do it. Financially its very possible for us because we were looking at purchasing our own home so being willed this priceless family heirloom frees up those funds to upgrade (cue Beyonce).

Oh and on top of all this- we're TTC. Wish us luck!



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