Industrial Edge: Why I'm obsessed

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our (I'll lump Jeff in there too since we tend to have extremely similar taste) can only be described at truly eclectic. Its been this way most of my life but at times jaunted off in the direction of some other loves (gothic and edwardian aesthetic! squee!) but time and time again, I find that a truly varied yet powerful eclectic interior design equates the most comfortable living situation. To me this is because we, like most people, are not simply one type of 2 dimensional person.

We have layers; like ogres, onions, and parfaits. To blend into our habitat we dont want to become anything...we want our habitat to become us. Again, layered.

This is a main reason why I love industrial edge in interior design. This raw edge was a part of my life and creative expression that was, until this point, never honed in on. It has a steampunk feel (remember my love of Edwardian aesthetic!? squee!) but it also has a "Golden Area" feel....which somehow translates into Americana and Patriotism (who knew?).

Maybe I'm really overthinking this here but when I see an aviation inspired piece of furniture I can't help but think about the Great Generation who truly rooted our nation through their humbleness and heroism. I'm totally not kidding. I swear. I have a lot of estrogen.

It also has a very "bringing me back to my roots" feel. Stories about farm life from my Mamaw combined with 30 hard years in an American unionized factory by my beloved Gramps really makes me have a twinge of borrowed nostalgia for tractor seat stools and factory cart tables.

I look forward to the increase of this industrial edge in interior design not because I want it to become cliche or oversaturated but because currently most of these pieces are tiptoeing on ridiculously priced (although I got a great deal on my coffee table!). Its amazing to me how hostile many people are towards this trend in design...which is why I leave you with this quote posted by fellow blog Real Industrial Edge Furniture:


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