Jello Jigglers to make Bill Cosby blush...or toss his cookies.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yea I have no idea as to the strength of Bill Cosby's ability to "hold his liquor"

Anyways...I was in a little store I LOVE in the Northgate Mall the other day and I stumbled upon two entertaining books that caught my eye: Hot Shots and Jelly Shot Test Kitchen . There was a HUGE clearance sticker on Hot Shots so I snatched it up without cracking either of them open but now I wish I would've bought them both! (For the record Hot Shots is about flaming alcholic beverages to serve at parties!)

Tonight I came across the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen again and I must say- Jello shots are tres chic!! Ok, maybe not that far but these little tasters are really versitile and a lot tastier than I've ever imagined. I thought I left my Jello shot making days back in college but now I can't wait for an excuse to concoct something awesome!!


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